BLOG POST: Embracing Change

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April 29, 2014
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May 6, 2014
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BLOG POST: Embracing Change

Change is both energizing and scary. Meaningful change usually involves intense introspection, pushing the pause button on our “busy-ness,” and seriously rethinking how we have done things in the past. We human beings love our comfort zones. And we hate admitting that our prior great ideas might not be so great anymore.

Therefore, while we are fine with small adjustments, we are sometimes reluctant to stop and examine the critical systemic issues that might be eating away at our businesses, or the fact that we might not have the right people on the bus to get the job done today. We need to ask ourselves these tough questions:

  • Does our current corporate culture lift up our goals to be more accomplished, or does it get in the way of that happening?
  • Are our clients/customers well-matched with our core competencies, or do we need to get rid of some of them and focus on those for whom we can add real, lasting value?
  • Are we just running on a treadmill every day, or are we getting to where we meant to go? Are we stepping back in order to take stock of our intended end results vs. just letting our fate play out without properly influencing it?

The challenging economy, in many ways, has pushed businesses into a survival mode defined as “cranking it out the best way we can every day without looking up.” Well, it’s time to look up, to clearly define our futures and to make whatever changes are necessary to not just survive, but to thrive.

It’s time to “scare ourselves to death” (figuratively!) by re-imagining what our companies could look like and act like and be if we put on our “bravery hats” and enact meaningful, positive change.

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