The Patient Experience is Changing.

Healthcare is changing as patients become consumers. Expectations of service, communication preferences, referral sources, and technology all create a more competitive healthcare market for acquiring and keeping loyal patients. We understand the influences that lead to more patients, and the communication strategies required to keep them.



  • Too few patients
  • Inconsistent referrals
  • Disconnected patient communication
  • Competitive market
  • Outdated patient software
  • Too few or bad online reviews
  • Low market awareness
  • Ineffective social media content
  • Weak Google ranking
  • New product launch



Millennial Patient Research

Any healthcare provider who wants to succeed needs to understand how Millennials are redefining what patients expect from their healthcare experience. Our Millennial healthcare research points to opportunities for any physician.


National Thought Leadership

We provide a strategy for hospitals and physicians to share their expertise with the world. Whether it be clinical breakthroughs or medical advice, we dig deep to understand what sets providers apart and provide global awareness key audiences and influencers.

Crisis Management

The absolute worst moment for you to come up with a crisis response plan is the 60 seconds after a reporter comes knocking on your door. We have more than three decades of experience supporting healthcare providers with the tools they need to rapidly, effectively, and smoothly respond to crises and manage issues. Senior care communities, hospital systems, and physician groups require an experienced preventative and responsive crisis partner, and we’re up for the challenge.


Designing the Patient Experience

Patients are consumers and have more influence in their choices for health care. Ackermann’s Patient Experience Assessment evaluates your practice’s performance in terms of attracting and retaining loyal patients. The complete assessment includes an audit and recommendations for 10 critical elements from appointment scheduling to online reviews.



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LaFollette Eye Clinic Case Study

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention Case Study



Our patient experience assessment provides a review of all patient communication touch points, from appointment scheduling to online reviews. After assessing the following 10 elements, we would provide recommended improvements for each:

  • Appointment setting
  • Email, SMS, and phone communication
  • Online reviews and Search ranking (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Social media communication
  • Website engagement
  • Billing outreach
  • Distinct brand messaging
  • Patient communication materials (in-office and online)
  • Patient wellness follow-up
  • Referrals
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