Kirk Cameron & “Love Worth Fighting For” Tour Celebrate Successful 2012

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Kirk Cameron & “Love Worth Fighting For” Tour Celebrate Successful 2012

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Organizers of Kirk Cameron’s “Love Worth Fighting For” tour, an event designed to strengthen and encourage all marriages, announced that the tour is celebrating a successful year – in 2012, the tour visited a total of 30 U.S. cities and drew more than 65,000 people.

Cameron is the star of the runaway hit movie Fireproof and the featured speaker of the national “Love Worth Fighting For” tour. Warren Barfield (who wrote “Love Is Not a Fight,” featured in the movie, Fireproof) is the tour’s featured musical guest.

The “Love Worth Fighting For” conference focuses on all areas of personal and spiritual relationships.  The conference is beneficial for people in all stages of life, as the event applies to teenagers, single adults, newly married couples and longtime spouses.

“We are proud of the success that the Love Worth Fighting For tour has seen this year,” said Cameron. “We’re excited to enter into the tour’s fifth year in 2013 and sharing the message with more people across the nation.”

According to Cameron, the tour is intended not only for those struggling in their marriages, but for those that are engaged or even people looking to be married one day and who simply want to lay a foundation for the future.

The tour drew approximately 10,000 more people this year than in 2011, a more than 18 percent increase.

Tickets for the tour typically range from $20 to $35 each and are available as reserved seats or general admission for singles, couples and groups of 10 or more.

For more information about Feed Your Faith’s “Love Worth Fighting For” tour featuring Cameron and Barfield, or to order your tickets, visit www.feedyourfaith.org.


About Kirk Cameron
Kirk Cameron is a television and film actor and producer noted most recently for his work in the inspiring documentary film Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure.  He is also known for his memorable performance in the film, Fireproof (the highest grossing independent film of 2008), his roles on ABC’s Growing Pains, the Left Behind movies, and as co-host of The Way of the Master.

His passion is to help people live in freedom and grace, fully devoted to faith in Jesus Christ.  Kirk and his bride, Chelsea, are the founders of Camp Firefly, an all expenses paid retreat for seriously ill children and their families. Together, they live in California with their six children, three dogs, and two dozen chickens.

About Warren Barfield
North Carolina-born singer/songwriter Warren Barfield is on a mission to make the truly important things important again in his life. Things like faith, love, marriage, children, truth and with his songs, he challenges us all to do the same. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” Warren has found those things in his faith, his wife, and his belief in love. “These are the things I would die for; things I will wake up every morning and spend my day fighting for.”

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