Life’s Maxims from the Eyes of a Toddler

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December 7, 2015
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Life’s Maxims from the Eyes of a Toddler

Tomorrow is a big day for my family as my husband, Lee, will be graduating from The University of Tennessee with his MBA. (Insert big smile and the “Hallelujah” chorus!) Without question, the past 16 months of our lives have been the most challenging ever as we both work full-time with demanding careers, and the day Lee began the MBA program, our son turned six months old. So the past year and a half has been full of sacrifice and time management on a level neither one of us ever could have fathomed.

But, our sacrifice has paid off as one of the most exciting aspects of his graduation is the fact that his peers selected him as “Class Leader” and therefore, he will be giving a speech during the graduation ceremony. I have no doubts that Lee’s speech will be a homerun as he’s one of the best presenters I’ve ever seen. He works in the medical device industry and is constantly speaking to others about the various healthcare products he represents, and he has an uncanny ability to be entertaining even when speaking about such things as suction canisters, for example. Yes, they’re just as gross as they sound, but he makes them sound shockingly fun!

With my background in public relations, Lee constantly asks me to listen to and critique his presentations. I have a lot of passion behind helping him be the best version of himself either personally or professionally, and this has sometimes been a blessing or a curse in our marriage! (Please note, that we’d agree there’s been more “blessing” than “curse”!) Over the past few weeks, he’s been bouncing potential graduation speech “themes” off of me and one has been the lessons we’ve learned through raising our spirited 22-month old toddler and how these child rearing aspirations can be applied to both our personal and professional lives. Some of these “maxims” include the following:

  • Toddlers see opportunity – not obstacles.
  • Toddlers dream without limitations.
  • Toddlers pursue their interests with passion and persistence.

I think we’d all agree that in this thing called “life,” some of our experiences – both personally and professionally – have caused us to be skeptical and jaded at times. Therefore, these maxims can be overlooked instead of being applied.

My favorite child rearing maxim has definitely been bestowed upon us from my father. After a rather exhausting day with our son, my dad said, “You will lose some battles and that’s alright. You need to be focused on winning the war.”

Think of the things we could all accomplish if we didn’t sweat the small stuff and focused our minds on the opportunities that lay in front of us instead of the obstacles. It just might be that the “small stuff” would fall into place and lead us to a much more productive and successful future both personally and professionally.

(Photo: The precocious, John Clark Freeman; Credit: AK Vogel Photography)

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