New Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge is getting attention half way across the country

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New Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge is getting attention half way across the country

John Joslyn

John Joslyn

Springfield, Missouri — The new Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. has people talking in Missouri. This week, Titanic Museum owner John Joslyn was featured in a Springfield Business Journal story about the famous ship that is dropping anchor in East Tennessee.

The article by Matt Wagner says, “The second Titanic attraction is a $25 million endeavor that will be larger and more interactive than its sister ship in the Ozarks.” Opened in 2006, the Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri quickly became one of Branson’s most popular attractions.

The Springfield Business Journal says there is one big difference in Pigeon Forge and Branson. “While Pigeon Forge has fewer permanent residents than Branson, the town of 5,800 is inundated with some 11 million tourists each year. Branson, in contrast, sees about 8 million visitors annually. Cedar Bay’s projected first-year attendance at Titanic Pigeon Forge: 750,000 people.”

Those who have traveled through Pigeon Forge in recent months have seen the half-scale replica of the Titanic rising high above the Parkway. A free preview center is open every day in front of the construction site which provides visitors with a sneak peek at all the attraction will offer. Once completed, guests at the Titanic Museum will:

A gallery in the Titanic Museum

A gallery in the Titanic Museum

• Walk Titanic’s Grand Staircase

• Touch the frozen surface of an “iceberg”

• Feel the chill of that fateful “Starry Night

• Study some of the largest, most detailed Titanic models ever built

• Grip the ship’s wheel and follow the Captain’s commands

• Tour world-class galleries and the rare historical artifacts they hold

• Sit in a Titanic lifeboat and listen to actual survivors tell their stories

• Send an SOS from the Marconi Wireless Room

• Test their balance while standing on mini-decks built to show the ever-steeper slope of Titanic as she sank

• Watch children six years and younger explore the special interactive Titanic Tot Play-and-Learn Room

• Dive to Titanic’s wreck site via spectacular underwater camera footage

Leon Downey, Executive Director of the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism, said in the Springfield Business Journal story that he is looking forward to the opening of the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge next April.  Downey said if the crowds that are showing up every day at the free Titanic Preview Center are any indication, the Titanic will meet its first year attendance projections of 750,000 guests.  “Titanic blew me away,” Downey said.  “It’s a first-class attraction.”

For more information about the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, visit www.TitanicPigeonForge.com.

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