BLOG POST: “Oh, I Forgot to Tell You…”

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BLOG POST: “Oh, I Forgot to Tell You…”

As some of you know, I am actively involved in coaching youth baseball when I’m not at my day job at Ackermann PR. I’ve spent considerable time over the last few years mentoring and being around 13-year old kids in a competitive environment, and the lessons that I’ve learned have been tremendous and applicable to many facets of my everyday life.

For example, we recently wrapped up our fall season, and as I’ve been talking to parents about things their son did well and things he may need to work on this winter, the subjects of communication and culture have come up frequently. Almost everyone that I’ve met with has stressed the importance of these two things, which led me to think about a piece of strategic counsel we often give our clients…

Whether you’re starting a new business, launching a new product or service, or managing a crisis situation, developing an internal communications plan can be just as critical as an external one. As a marketing or PR pro, it can be easy to get caught up in all of the fun, creative things that you can do to appeal to your external audiences and help move the needle, but don’t lose sight of your most important asset – your people. They are often the key to a business’ long-term success.

What’s my point? As much as possible, think strategically about creating and maintaining an employee-friendly environment that fosters open and consistent communication. Consider first how your employees might react to an important announcement or deal with a potential change, and develop messages accordingly.

Before you know it, the phrase “Oh, I forgot to tell you” will be removed from your vocabulary.

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