Planet H2O launches premium, natural artesian bottled water business

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Planet H2O launches premium, natural artesian bottled water business

PH2O Bottle (1L)KNOXVILLE, TENN. – Nearly one mile below the surface near Linden, Tenn., some of the purest, premium drinking water in the world was recently discovered, sealed in a previously unknown freshwater aquifer. Knoxville-based Planet H2O, LLC discovered the aquifer in 2012, believed to be the deepest sourced artesian water in the country. The water is slowly filtered through 500-million-year old rocks and bottled at the source in a newly constructed bottling facility utilizing solar technology.

Unlike processed or “dead” water, which is acidic and absent of any mineral content, Planet H2O is “living” alkaline water, containing minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and silica that promote good health and growth.

Because the aquifer is sealed and entirely free of surface contaminants, the pureness of the water is unmatched. One of these contaminants, tritium—found in nearly all drinking water today, is notably absent in “tritium-free” Planet H2O.

“We have developed a world-class premium, natural artesian water resource,” says Jim Bruner, president of PlanetH2O. “Once we received the results from a number of water quality studies showing the level of purity, we then began construction on a state-of-the-art production facility.”

Following completion of the facility, the water is now prepared for distribution, and Bruner believes Planet H20 will appeal to an emerging demographic in the food and beverage industry. “We’re targeting the health-conscious consumer, providing great-tasting and pure alkaline water with minerals that are the cornerstone of a healthier lifestyle,” adds Bruner.

Planet H2O will be available for purchase in both Tennessee and Atlanta and also online at amazon.com.

For more information on PlanetH2O, visit drinkplanetH2O.com.


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