Power Systems focused on making a real difference in fitness industry

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Power Systems focused on making a real difference in fitness industry

Los Angeles, CA. – As this year’s International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) convention and trade show takes place amidst the glamour and magic of Hollywood, an industry leader is writing a new script for success. Julie and Bruno Pauletto, the wife-and-husband team behind Power Systems, the industry’s largest fitness and sports performance accessory line, are directing a renewed effort to focus on real people and real issues within the fitness industry.

“We want to look at everything we’re doing as a part of the industry and how we can be more active in helping fitness club owners make their businesses stronger and how our ultimate customers—the real athletes of all ages and skills, the real seniors who need increased mobility, the real people who want to make a meaningful change in their fitness lifestyle—can be better equipped to meet their personal goals,” said Julie Pauletto, President of Power Systems. “We have the experience to make a real difference.”

At the IHRSA trade show in Los Angeles, Power Systems will feature a variety of new products designed to not only improve physical fitness, but also help a fitness club or sports training organization improve its fiscal fitness, too. The company’s new SpaceStation™ system, a multi-purpose training tool providing multiple training stations for body weight and suspended exercises in a limited area, will be one of several new products available for review at the show.

“The SpaceStation system represents how we have tried to address the reality of today’s business environment for club owners,” said Bruno Pauletto, CEO of Power Systems. “Clubs need to expand their offerings, but cannot necessarily expand their physical floor plan. SpaceStation helps them meet their business goal while maximizing space in the club.”

Other new products featured by Power Systems at the trade show include improved designs for personal training products such as Versa-Tubes, as well as an expanded selection of bodyweight training and cardio training equipment.

Power Systems representatives will also be on site to showcase improved efficiency in ordering methods, including a self-checkout station and the introduction of mobile and tablet technology for order processing on site.

“We are working hard to help business owners get the tools they need as quickly as possible, so that they can get to work making a real difference of their own,” said Julie Pauletto.

Power Systems will also be working to make a real difference in the overall success of the industry convention by sponsoring a variety of events including receptions for the Gold’s Gym Franchisee Association and IHRSA regional membership groups.


About Power Systems: Power Systems is the  fitness and sports accessory equipment industry leader committed to making a real difference in the health, fitness and performance needs of people at every level of experience. Since its founding in 1986, Power Systems has been recognized  for its standards in customer service, product selection and on-time delivery. The company is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. For additional information about Power Systems, visit their website at www.power-systems.com.

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