Power Systems says top selling fitness training equipment points to industry changes

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Power Systems says top selling fitness training equipment points to industry changes

Knoxville, Tenn. – A report released by Power Systems, the industry’s leading provider of sports and fitness training accessory equipment, points to some significant changes in the types of fitness training being offered by personal trainers and fitness clubs and the experiences fitness enthusiasts are looking for today.

The report, which reflects product sales trends over the past twelve months, shows that the top five selling fitness accessory equipment products include resistance tubing and bands, medicine balls, kettlebells, fitness and exercise mats, and dumbbells.  Body weight suspension systems also represent a product category that is growing significantly in popularity.

“These product trends are being driven by the rapidly growing popularity of cross-training and functional training,” commented Power Systems President, Julie Pauletto.  “The training changes we are seeing include the movement by personal trainers to focus on ‘boot camps’ while the national fitness clubs and chains are focusing on developing more ‘small group training’ classes.  The top selling products are the primary training products used for both the boot camps and small group training.  This type of training and these products are rapidly becoming an incremental and profitable revenue source for trainers and clubs in what has become a highly competitive environment for clients and members.”

Power Systems’ SpaceStation™ is an innovative response to the growing popularity of body weight suspension systems.  The SpaceStation is a multi-purpose training tool providing multiple stations for body weight and suspended exercises in a limited area.

“The SpaceStation system represents how we have tried to address the reality of today’s business environment for club owners,” said Bruno Pauletto, CEO of Power Systems.  “Clubs need to expand their offerings but cannot necessarily expand their physical floor plan.  SpaceStation helps them meet their business goal while maximizing space in the club.”


About Power Systems: Power Systems is the  fitness and sports accessory equipment industry leader committed to making a real difference in the health, fitness and performance needs of people at every level of experience. Since its founding in 1986, Power Systems has been recognized for its standards in customer service, product selection, and on-time delivery.  The company is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. For additional information about Power Systems, visit their website at www.power-systems.com.

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