Remembering the RMS Titanic 99 years later

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Remembering the RMS Titanic 99 years later

Pigeon Forge, Tenn. — John Joslyn, co-owner of the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge,  has been to the RMS Titanic on the ocean floor and organized the $6 million expedition to the ship that brought the world its first televised video of the famous luxury liner in her final resting place two and a half miles beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

Today marks a significant milestone for the RMS Titanic and the Titanic Museum Attraction.  It has been exactly 99 years since the lookout in the crow’s nest shouted, “Iceberg right ahead!”  For the next twelve months leading up to April 15, 2012, when it will have been a century since the Titanic was lost, Titanic Museum will have many special events and ways to honor, respect and pay homage to those 2,208 passengers and crew members onboard RMS Titanic.

As the whole world remembers the world’s most famous luxury liner, we will continue to open the door to the past and let our “passengers” experience what it was like to walk the hallways, parlors, cabins and Grand Staircase of the Titanic – surrounded by more than 400 artifacts from the ship and its passengers.

Below is an amazing photo from one of John Joslyn’s dives to the bottom of the Atlantic where the world’s most famous luxury liner still rests today.

The RMS Titanic as seen by Titanic Museum Attraction co-owner John Joslyn.

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