Stress, the PR Professional and the Audiologist?

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Stress, the PR Professional and the Audiologist?

An article recently published by CareerCast caused quite a buzz amongst my colleagues in the PR-world as it claimed that we, as PR executives, have the sixth most-stressful job in America for 2014.  The good news is that we’re down one notch as our profession ranked at number five in 2013.  This list really got me thinking and as I read over the other professions that made the top 10, I wondered, “Is the stress of my job really comparable to the stress of ‘enlisted military personnel,’ ranking at number one, or a ‘military general,’ ranking at number two?”  While there could be some comparable points (I do sometimes dodge bullets and some of my crisis communications plans could look like peace treaties), isn’t the stress level that one can or cannot handle really in the eyes of the beholder?  Moreover, what I consider stress, others may not even blink an eye at.

To be clear, I do not believe my job is worthy of a number six ranking and I would argue that it doesn’t even belong on this list…

I also wondered about the least-stressful jobs and what those could be.  Lucky for me, CareerCast had also produced that listing, and here it is:

10. Drill-press operator – Well, that sounds utterly terrifying to me.  I could definitely lose a finger trying to operate a drill press.

9. Multimedia artist – I don’t agree with this one at all.  In working with these folks quite a bit, it seems to me that they have the same pressures as PR professionals – deadlines, client expectations, etc.

8. Librarian – The librarian at my high school was always wound as tight as a sprinkler hose with a kink in it.  Never did she appear with any moments of Zen.  Plus, aren’t library budgets being slashed every day?  That’s got to be incredibly stressful.

7. Medical records technician – Two words: data entry.  And, how can any job in healthcare these days be deemed stress-less?

6. Dietitian – I can somewhat agree with this selection.  Every dietitian I’ve ever encountered has been the eternal optimist.  Providing positive life choices to people and celebrating in their successes sounds very rewarding.

5. Seamstress/tailor – Ever been to an unsuccessful final wedding dress fitting with a Bridezilla?  I have and it wasn’t pretty.

4. Tenured university professor – While yes, they may have “job security,” isn’t any job in education stressful these days?

3. Jeweler – From the sun to diamonds, shiny things have always made me feel at peace.  So, I’ll agree with this number three ranking.

2. Hair stylist – I adore my hair stylist.  She’s always in a great mood.  However, I do remember an article that I read on Mariah Carey and the jobs she had before she became a superstar.  She worked in a hair salon and shared the trials and tribulations of “hair splinters” and those sounded painful.

And, the number one least-stressful job in America for 2014 is…(drumroll, please)….an audiologist.  While I’d like to meet my father’s audiologist and hug her as his hearing aids have made a world of difference (especially for my mother’s sanity as she no longer feels like a broken record repeating her sentences to him louder and louder each time so he could finally hear her), I have to go back to my earlier point that any job in healthcare these days must be stressful.

So, there you have it – the top 10 listing of the least-stressful jobs in America for 2014.  How do you feel about those rankings?

I truly enjoy my job in PR.  Ever since I was a junior in college, I knew I wanted to work in PR.  I love the challenges.  From crafting a media pitch to training executives on how to effectively communicate with the media to solving critical crisis communications issues, it’s all thrilling.  Yes, there are days I want to throw my computer out the window and days I want to beat my head against the wall, but that’s simply called a BAD DAY, and we all have them.  From bad clients to good clients and everything in between, I’ve found that as long as I always strive to be prepared and roll with the punches, there isn’t much I cannot accomplish.  And, it always helps to have supportive coworkers, which is what I’m grateful to have at Ackermann PR.

And, if one day I ever decide to pursue another career path, at least I know that according to CareerCast, I could handle the stress of a military general…

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  1. Alesa says:

    I love this post, Erin! Very insightful and entertaining. Your writing style is fantastic! Please post again.

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