Tennessee State Legislators Mark National Colon Cancer Month with Briefing on Revolutionary New Colon Cancer Test

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March 16, 2010
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Tennessee State Legislators Mark National Colon Cancer Month with Briefing on Revolutionary New Colon Cancer Test

Nashville, TN – (March 17,2010) – EDP Biotech, a Knoxville-based company today briefed Tennessee state legislators on its revolutionary ColoMarker™ colon cancer test which potentially could save 50,000 lives and more than $12 billion in healthcare costs annually in the U.S.  Legislators were also provided the opportunity to personally experience the ColoMarker™ test by enrolling in the control study group for EDP’s latest research.  The briefing and test were scheduled to coincide with National Colon Cancer Month, which is being observed throughout March 2010.

The company’s innovative colon cancer test has the potential to save thousands of lives each year through a simple blood test.  By measuring a unique biomarker discovered by EDP Biotech and a testing process that utilizes inexpensive existing technology, ColoMarker™ has shown a greater than 99% accuracy rate for detecting colon cancer in the most treatable stages (I, II and III).  This can be accomplished at a cost that should make ColoMarker accessible and affordable to all individuals.

“The State of Tennessee has one of the highest incidence rates of and mortality rates for colon cancer in the United States.  As a Tennessee-based company actively addressing this devastating disease, we wanted to make the state’s legislators aware of ColoMarker™ and the impact it can have on people’s lives and the U.S. healthcare system”, stated Dr. Kevin Jones, EDP Biotech, Chief Scientific Officer.  “Some 1200 Tennesseans lose their battle with colon cancer each year.  Most of these lives could have been saved with early detection.  Based on the encouraging results of our pre-clinical trials, we believe ColoMarker™ can be used for early detection, which will reduce colon cancer deaths in Tennessee and throughout the world.”

Early detection of colon cancer will save lives.  Yet, less than 20% of Americans who should be screened by colonoscopy actually are.  The ColoMarker™ test has the ability to reduce the physical, psychological and financial barriers to early screening.  EDP Biotech has achieved a significant milestone in developing a simple blood test that will have the potential to reach people who otherwise would not participate in more invasive screening procedures.

“EDP Biotech and its ColoMarker™ product is an excellent example of companies in Tennessee who are making significant contributions to our state, our country and the world”, commented State Representative Joe Armstrong, who is Chairman of the House Health and Human Services Committee.  “Through today’s briefing and the opportunity for Tennessee legislators to take the ColoMarker™ test, we are clearly demonstrating that the State of Tennessee is very serious about reducing mortality rates and healthcare costs for colon cancer.”

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About EDP Biotech Corporation

EDP Biotech (EDP) is a medical device company focused on the development and sale of immunodiagnostic tests for both humans and animals.  EDP utilizes more than 30 years of research and development in the identification and purification of proteins present in the early stages of biological changes for production of in vitro diagnostics test whose primary target is the development of early detection products.

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