BioPet Vet Lab introduces tiered-pricing options for DNA Proof of Parentage

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BioPet Vet Lab introduces tiered-pricing options for DNA Proof of Parentage

Knoxville, Tenn. BioPet Vet Lab, a leading DNA animal testing laboratory, is helping DNA Proof of Parentage testing become an industry standard in the competitive world of dog breeding and dog shows. The company’s unveiling of new retail pricing structures of up to 80% less than traditional DNA testing services provides an affordable option for large clubs and individual breeders alike. 

“In the past year, BioPet Vet Lab representatives have traveled around the globe to talk about our DNA Proof of Parentage Test,” said Tom Boyd, CEO of BioPet Vet Lab. “We also used these discussions to find out from dog clubs and professionals what they needed in order to implement a successful DNA proof of parentage program.” 

“Not surprisingly, cost of the testing was the most frequently cited obstacle,” said Boyd.

Armed with input from the breeders and clubs, BioPet Vet Lab representatives returned to the company’s headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee, with a goal to develop a testing program capable of meeting customer needs and becoming an industry standard. 

By improving efficiency and reducing labor costs, the DNA Proof of Parentage Test managed by BioPet Vet Lab can now be available in a two-week turnaround time for less than $10 per test. The new DNA Proof of Parentage Test offers a significantly more affordable option, especially for breeders and clubs with the need to register multiple dogs. 

Testing is easily completed with owners collecting DNA samples from parent dogs and their litter. Two weeks after the samples are forwarded to the company laboratory, the owner receives a password and entry key to a DNA World Pet Registry database where the dog’s status can be certified. Testing is only needed once per dog. Once a dog is registered its information stays in the database, further reducing testing expenses. 

Testing kits and services are available at different price points based on the number of tests an individual or organization needs to conduct in a year. Testing kits include all materials necessary for DNA extraction and sample collection. 

“By listening to club officials and breeders, we believe BioPet Vet Lab is better equipped to provide a standardized DNA certification process worldwide at a cost that does not exclude smaller organizations and programs,” said Boyd. “Participating in our standardized DNA Proof of Parentage Program gives organizations of all sizes an opportunity to affordably differentiate themselves from organizations who do not provide the guarantee of DNA testing.” 

The testing service does not identify a dog’s breed or breeds within a dog’s lineage. The testing is intended only to make familial matches. For additional information about pricing and testing, visit the BioPet Vet Lab website at www.dnaproofofparentage.com or call toll-free at (866) 883-7389.


About BioPet Vet Lab:  BioPet Vet Lab is an animal DNA testing laboratory located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The company’s mission is to offer quality DNA testing services at an affordable price with timely turnaround and friendly, professional customer service. BioPet continues to explore genetic science in order to offer more DNA services that can benefit pet organizations and pet owners. For more information on BioPet Vet Lab, visit their website at www.biopetvetlab.com

About DNA World Pet Registry: The DNA World Pet Registry is a hosted Pet Management System that uses an animal’s unique genetic makeup as a basis of membership. The Registry’s services are available to the everyday pet owner as well as businesses, clubs or organizations that want to offer DNA testing services to their customers or members. For additional information about the DNA World Pet Registry, visit their website at http://www.dnawpr.com/.

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