Crown’s new MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study aims to help participants strengthen finances and get out of debt

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Crown’s new MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study aims to help participants strengthen finances and get out of debt

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. –Financial strain and growing personal and national debt continue to have a stranglehold on Americans in this sluggish economy. The difficult part is that many Americans have no idea how to impact their financial health. About 1 in 5 Americans, surveyed by the Princeton Survey Research Associates, said that they do not keep track of their finances at all.

At one point or another, it is common for people to think about taking a closer look at their finances – whether he or she needs to make minor tweaks to cut costs, save for a down-payment on a home, or take on a second job to reduce debt. Sometimes, an individual’s financial situation can be a slippery slope that leads to sleepless nights if not careful.

Crown knows that getting and keeping finances in order is a major component to achieving a happy life, marriage and family. That’s why Crown is introducing its new MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study (MLPFS) to help individuals examine and improve their financial health. It is a 10-week journey designed to provide biblical teaching, online tools and practical experiences to help participants gain a life of meaning and purpose.

MLPFS is a resource for individuals seeking to control spending, reduce and eliminate debt, save for unexpected costs, invest for the future and strengthen finances.

MLPFS consists of weekly homework, scripture memory (to remember the most important principles), practical financial exercises like creating a spending plan or debt repayment plan, and prayer. There are even inspirational videos from Crown’s CEO, Chuck Bentley, to go along with each lesson.

In addition to its basic components, this study contains a collection of online applications designed to assist participants in their financial journey:

  • MoneyLife® Indicator™: After taking a brief survey about one’s finances, the MoneyLife® Indicator™ will provide a snapshot of each individual’s current financial health, and will also give a breakdown of 12 key areas related to his or her financial actions and attitudes.
  • MoneyLife® Budget™: This is not a traditional spreadsheet! MoneyLife® Budget™ is a usable, flexible spending plan. This tool begins with some simple questions related to income, giving and spending habits. Then, the tool helps create a spending plan to achieve short and long-time financial goals.
  • MoneyLife® Tracker™: This is a simple tool to help track income and expenses for up to three months. As transactions are recorded, an individual’s real-world spending is compared with his or her MoneyLife® Budget™ in various categories of spending. This empowers people to make thoughtful decisions so that their spending syncs with their spending plan.
  • Financial calculators and worksheets, as well as a library of articles to help in financial planning are also available.

“The MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study is really very simple,” said Crown Financial Ministries CEO Chuck Bentley. “This study allows you to hit the ground running by taking a snapshot of your finances, showing you next steps to improve your financial house, and finally – helping you develop a plan that you can actually stick to.”

To learn more about Crown’s new MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study or to get started on a path to financial freedom, visit www.Crown.org/moneylifestudy.


Crown, a non-profit, helps people and businesses integrate their values into business practices, debt reduction, and financial decision-making. For more than 35 years, Crown has been offering economic analysis and advice based on timeless truths. Theirs is a strong, international grassroots organization with offices in the U.S. and overseas. Crown experts work one-on-one with individuals and business leaders, as well as through workshops and seminars, teaching people how to build on a strong foundation that includes the business principles and practices found in the Bible. It is well known for its cutting edge materials first developed by its founder, the late Larry Burkett.  For more information, go to www.crown.org or call 800-722-1976.

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