Cybersecurity Advice for Physicians and Healthcare Leaders

Cybersecurity is not a new consideration, but its importance and likelihood of impact on healthcare organizations is growing at a rapid pace. At the EDGE 2017 Security Conference in Knoxville, Tenn., Maj. Gen. Brett T. Williams, former head of U.S. Cyber Command, offered a wake-up call to all businesses: 'You have a 100% chance of being attacked.' While all businesses hope attacks come later rather than sooner, preparation is no longer an option.

Healthcare has risks associated with the cybersecurity industry that most other businesses do not. Hospitals and physician practices collect payment and patient information that require significant security, as well as the HIPPA and PCI regulatory requirements. For those reasons, how do hospitals balance the cost pressures of their daily operations, the value of patient care, and investing in security measures that prevent patient data from escaping to the black market?

Ackermann met with a group of cybersecurity experts to offer key advice to healthcare organizations, from prevention to crisis response.

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