Fourth Purpose

LaFollette Eye Clinic
September 2, 2020
OneRiverwalk Apartments
May 1, 2020
The 4th Purpose Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to helping make prison a place of transformation rather than a place limited to punishment. 4th Purpose was started by former inmate turned CEO and Philanthropist, Josh Smith. Smith sold his residential waterproofing and foundation service company, Master Service Companies, and invested $8 Million into 4th Purpose. Ackermann created a strategic messaging plan to brand 4th Purpose, and position Smith as a thought leader of this industry. Through market research and discovery sessions, we were able to craft the 4th Purpose Foundation Manifesto, the heart and vision of the nonprofit. Once we developed a clear brand for 4th Purpose, we turned to thought leadership. We were able to position Smith as a thought leader of prison reform because he himself was an inmate at one time and understands the needs of that population. We were able to secure media spots – locally and nationally – that highlighted Smith and 4th Purpose