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November 16, 2016
Popcorn Sutton
November 16, 2016

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC Traveler’s Health was tasked with developing and implementing a national public awareness campaign to influence tourists during the 2009/2010 flu season to include H1N1 prevention and awareness in their travel plans. CDC Traveler’s Health selected Oak Ridge Associated Universities as the prime contractor to map out the public awareness campaign. ORAU selected Ackermann as a subcontractor to drive the campaign’s overall creative, advertising, media, public relations and digital and social media strategies.
Alongside crews from ORAU and CDC, Ackermann developed an overarching flight plan that included: Implementation of a broad-based umbrella national communications campaign to inform and educate United States travelers, support for the umbrella strategy with audience specific seasonal communication initiatives, creation of specific seasonal or special occasion promotions within the campaign, holiday travel, 2010 Olympics, and spring break. The creative strategy included developing consumer-focused graphic and copy platforms that would resonate with the traveling public and break through today’s enormous consumer communications clutter. The advertising strategy was to intercept domestic and international travelers during the peak holiday travel season, and to approach as a national, consumer campaign utilizing a communications media mix that balanced high-visibility, reach, frequency and cost. The media mix included national newspaper – USA Today, XM Satellite Radio, major airport diorama displays, Yahoo platform behavioral targeting online advertising, and online advertising on the Expedia and Travelocity travel websites. As of take-off, the campaign launch announcement had generated several thousand media, blog and Twitter pickups. The projected audience reach for the advertising components of the two-month campaign was 131,600,000 impressions.


Client: CDC

Service Category: Advertising | Healthcare | Public Relations

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