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November 28, 2017
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November 7, 2017

Hoffmann Group USA

Tools to make you better.
Hoffmann Group, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is Europe’s leading partner for quality tools. Hoffmann Group combines trading competence with leadership in both manufacturing and service. The company offers 62,000 quality tools from 500 of the world’s leading manufacturers including GARANT, Hoffmann Group’s own premium brand. In 2016, Hoffmann Group entered the American market with the launch of Hoffmann Group USA, located in Knoxville, Tennessee. When faced with the task of setting a foothold in the American market, Hoffmann Group USA hired Ackermann.
Launching a global player into the United States

Working with the Hoffmann Group USA marketing team, Ackermann was challenged with launching the company into a highly competitive market, making sure to make a big splash in the automotive and aerospace manufacturing industry. Hoffmann Group USA thrived almost instantaneously.

We started by reaching out to key online publications, increasing their online impressions to 1.2 million, among their target audience. To maintain customer engagement, we began a monthly newsletter. This newsletter is electronically formatted, allowing us to reach a contact list of 2,000. Hoffmann Group USA values their customers, and stressed the importance of this to us. In return, we decided to mix old school with new school. We launched a direct mail campaign with their tool brand GARANT. We then used these graphics to create a digital ad campaign that launched in 32 cities. The cohesive theme stressed the power of nature within the #Hoffmannbetter campaign. The digital campaign resulted in click-through rates nearly 3 times the industry average.

Hoffmann Group USA has grown 61%, and we couldn't be prouder. We were even recognized for our work this past year, winning the 2017 MarCom Platinum Award for our integrated marketing campaign.


Client: Hoffmann Group USA

Service Category: Consumer | Product Marketing

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