Case Study
Energy Systems Integration Group


Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) hired Ackermann to assist in graphic design and consulting. 

ESIG sought to increase awareness of the resources it provides to individuals and businesses involved in electric and integrated engineering. 

Through grassroots outreach on the internet, ESIG is able to access audiences in need of its services. The organization also plans and holds workshops throughout the year, and wanted help from the Ackermann team to coordinate and organize these gatherings.


Ackermann created a plan for ESIG involving the creation of graphics for its blogs, workshop sessions, webinars, and upcoming events in addition to coordinating workshops and task force meetings both in-office and on-site.

By developing these areas of focus and executing assigned tasks, Ackermann and ESIG could increase organizational awareness and provide ESIG members and workshop participants with opportunities to further their education. 


Ackermann’s efforts resulted in workshop attendees from around the world experiencing over 6,090 minutes of instruction.

Additionally, ESIG’s website traffic and social media followings increased, with web visitors going up by 65% between 2020 and 2021, and 837,434 impressions on its various social media profiles.