Case Study
Salvation Army


The Salvation Army of Knoxville-Knox County asked Ackermann to assist in publicizing its events and overall purpose within the area. 

Several important events held by Salvation Army, including multiple elements of its busy holiday season needed media and public attention in order to meet profit goals and attract volunteers.

Ackermann was tasked with developing a plan to help Salvation Army generate event awareness, receive donations, and recruit volunteers.



Ackermann’s plan for Salvation Army involved news interviews, events, and media relations efforts.


 The Salvation Army would be positioned as an established local legacy nonprofit to the media, and requests for volunteers and donations would be acquired through interviews, live coverage, other media attention, and events held by the Salvation Army.


Ackermann’s plan resulted in success. The Salvation Army was featured on local news to inform the public of volunteer opportunities. The nonprofit also featured a Red Kettle Kickoff event in collaboration with the Knoxville Ice Bears hockey team, resulting in donations and further volunteer recruitment.

Other formal events and volunteer opportunities resulted in articles, donations, and local involvement in Salvation Army’s mission.