This is a historic moment and unprecedented time. We once had the luxury of time- time to plan, time to execute, time to understand. But now we must respond in the moment and still plan for the future.
In communications, the first mover has the advantage. Now more than ever, leaders must act decisively and intentionally to get in front of and keep pace with COVID-19 as the landscape and information about the virus rapidly evolves.
At Ackermann Marketing & PR—we move ideas, brands, causes and people forward using the best of brand strategy, public relations and advertising. And we're here to help.

Right now, we’re helping clients engage employees, customers, the media and communities during this challenging time, including:


Our work on COVID-19, to-date, includes:

- Crisis planning and support
- Community engagement
- Customer retention
- Communications strategy for internal and external audiences
- On-call media relations support
- Content strategy including social media and thought leadership
- Daily communications updates.

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