Case Study


Cybersecurity group Avertium sought the expertise of Ackermann for creative ways to bring forth new clients and position them as experts in the cybersecurity and information technology fields. 

Ackermann was tasked with designing a plan that involved researching audiences, media outlets, and competition to formulate a unique public relations plan that would increase brand awareness and generate positive brand sentiment.



Through research and “deep dives” into the innovative, cutting-edge cybersecurity service Avertium offers in comparison to other products, Ackermann was able to collect a list of media outlets and authors that would understand Avertium’s mission. These writers and outlets were targets for Avertium’s thought leadership plan, and pitched accordingly. Additionally, a list of topics and trends within the cybersecurity sector was collected to further generate publicity through commentary on relevant and current trends and news. By selecting well-spoken leaders at Avertium to represent the organization in interviews, the company would be able to be relatable to more than just cybersecurity audiences.


Through the thought leadership plan Ackermann created, Avertium was the focus of several large cybersecurity and technology publications. CIO, a major cybersecurity news outlet, published an op-ed by Avertium’s own Paul Caiazzo. Numerous articles on the Avertium product model were written and shared as well. 

Avertium is a leader in predicting and mitigating cybersecurity issues. Putting a spotlight on its expertise has given the organization a starting point for further publicity and clout within the field.