Case Study


ChoiceSpine is an industry leader providing best-in class spinal products for physicians to use during spinal surgery. ChoiceSpine offers a breadth of innovative products that provide surgeons and operating teams with safe, efficient, and easy-to-use systems with which to treat patients. From cervical spine systems to interbody implants, ChoiceSpine products have a track record of producing superior quality outcomes in surgical patients. ChoiceSpine was poised for its next phase of growth, thanks to a broadened portfolio of products that provided a critical mass in terms of enhanced product coverage and integration. Ackermann was asked to help the company’s leadership team develop and implement a marketing and outreach plan to increase awareness and lay the groundwork for sales success.



Ackermann devised a marketing plan that included spinal device media relations, industry thought leadership, distributor business development, a refreshed brand identity, website redesign, and inbound marketing tactics. ChoiceSpine’s unique brand theme of “Propelling Spinal Surgery” was brought to life through messaging and naming at a product and category level. Each product was poised to reach its primary audience among physicians, patients and distributors. Ackermann developed a dedicated distributor outreach plan to introduce ChoiceSpine, and its new products, to distributors in the medical device industry.


ChoiceSpine reentered the spinal surgery device industry with a splash. With a redesigned logo, research-driven website, and product specific positioning, ChoiceSpine embarked on a national industry public relations campaign that resulted in recognition in over 10 publications including Becker’s Spine Review, Ryortho’s Orthopedics This Week, and others. ChoiceSpine initiated a monthly e-newsletter reaching customers, distributors and the media. Being a product-driven company, ChoiceSpine also benefited from a repeatable go-to-market template to guide their launch of new products. As part of this effort, ChoiceSpine launched a monthly webinar to act as a live demo for prospective surgeons and distributors. During the new campaign, ChoiceSpine was able to reach 2.5 million members of the medical device industry and enjoyed double digit growth.