Case Study
Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek


Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek, a treehouse resort nestled in the mountains of Gatlinburg, asked Ackermann for assistance in generating publicity for its second phase of luxury treehouses.

The resort wanted to generate regional and national attention to the unique experience of staying with them during family vacations and events. By promoting the original resort spot, Treehouse Grove would get more bookings from guests across the country.



In partnership with Pete Nelson, a television personality and expert in treehouse design and development, Treehouse Grove’s second phase was planned and built to house multiple guests with luxury amenities. 

Due to the expertise and publicity already associated with Pete, Ackermann created a media event offering influencers, local media, and national writers to visit and interview him. 


Visitors would get to stay in the treehouses and attend various activities offered by the resort. Pete would offer tours and one-on-one interviews with local media and press, including filmed interviews, magazine features, and casual conversation throughout guests’ stay.

This plan was created with the intention of generating publicity and offering a chance to speak with a true expert in the treehouse field.



The Treehouse Grove media event was extremely successful. Visitors were given ample opportunity to speak with Pete Nelson, resulting in thoughtful conversation and a variety of blog posts, news articles, and television features.

Coverage of the resort included features by bloggers like Katie Crenshaw, local news stations like WATE and WBIR, and magazines like Southern Living.