Dentists have been advised to close their offices to all but emergency care during the global COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean emergency visits are the only ones that can take place. Teledentistry is one of the best ways to maintain your patient care continuum during the outbreak, and the guidance and regulations around it are rapidly changing.
In order for a teledentistry visit to be effective, patients must have a basic understanding of teledentistry and how it’s different from an in-person appointment. Patients also need a proactive checklist that explains the technology that’s required and how to access the video platform you’re using.
If teledentistry isn’t a realm you’ve entered before now, you may be in need of some direction, too, from the correct codes to use to understanding how HIPAA regulations have been loosened to guidance on whether new patients can be seen via teledentistry.
Ackermann Marketing & PR is poised to create patient communications that convey:

  • The availability of your teledentistry offering;
  • Which types of dental care can be rescheduled, which are suited to a teledentistry visit, and which constitute emergencies;
  • A teledentistry engagement checklist that simplifies and prepares patients for their telehealth appointments
  • How to maintain good oral health during stressful times.

We’re also able to create a comprehensive provider checklist that will ensure you’re confident about your own teledentistry offerings, management, and compliance. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you communicate to your patients so that you can focus on your job, the safe and effective delivery of care.

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