Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaking up every industry, and marketing communications is certainly no exception. Because communications reaches into every enterprise and impacts how we all do business at multiple levels, AI is increasingly at the center of conversations regarding both internal and external communications.

AI might seem like an exciting new technology right now, thanks to the emergence of generative tools like ChatGPT, but in truth we’ve been living with it for some time. Once a product of science fiction writers and Hollywood epics – think the near-future Los Angeles in Her or Tony Stark’s computer J.A.R.V.I.S. from the Marvel films – AI is firmly and productively a part of the real world.

In fact, for many of us, AI is already a part of our everyday lives. Machine learning algorithms, the method by which AI systems respond to user input and perform tasks, are the foundation of smart home tech like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri voice assistant. The Face ID function you use to unlock your smartphone is powered by AI, as in the Netflix recommendation engine that suggest your next series binge.

Following are some examples of how AI can benefit marketing and communications initiatives and outcomes:

  • AI can create real-time marketing strategies and outreach by analyzing data at a much faster rate than humans can.
  • It makes ad placements that are based on human behavior more accurate by identifying the best channels for media buys in real time.
  • Because of AI’s enhanced dashboard, marketers have a more accurate measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
  • AI can do automatic tasks, such as gathering and preparing consumer data and patterns without a lot of human involvement.
  • Artificial Intelligence can perform predictive analyses, based upon consumer data.
  • AI algorithms can tailor messages to individual customers, creating highly personalized content.
  • AI can divide up audiences based on similarities and target each distinctive group accordingly.
  • In terms of content creation, AI has the ability to create its own E-mail marketing campaigns, generate product recommendations and write social media posts, as well as actual articles.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and should be embraced (rather than feared). It should be incorporated into smart marketers’ playbooks, making their jobs easier and their decisions more accurate (and potentially more cost effective). It is not a matter of “if,” but rather a matter of “when” AI will be fully incorporated into most marketing decisions and communications outreach. Time to hop on board!

Cathy Ackermann, founder and president of Ackermann Marketing and PR, may be reached at

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