KNOXVILLE, TENN. – September 30, 2021 – Complete Disinfectant Solutions (CDS), a verified distributor of CASPR Group products for Tennessee, recently installed CASPR Group’s technology in ventilation systems at Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM) as a supplementary disinfecting solution for the property. CASPR Group’s disinfection technology continuously treats and reduces 99.96% of airborne and surface pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2 the virus responsible for COVID-19, using science-backed and safe, proprietary technology.
Every year, KARM provides meals, shelter and life-transforming programs to more than 5,000 men, women and children who are struggling with homelessness and poverty. These services are provided in dorm and cafeteria settings, which often operate at full capacity. The COVID-19 vaccination rate among these individuals is extremely low (10-20%), despite KARM’s numerous vaccination efforts. Even with KARM’s thorough cleaning and intake procedures, which include a health check and COVID-19 rapid test, the ministry has worked overtime to combat COVID-19 outbreaks and to isolate those who test positive.
“KARM spends a significant amount of resources on disinfection—including equipment and products applied multiple times a day by trained staff,” said David Strom, Vice President-Information & Technology at KARM (and currently KARM’s COVID-19 expert). He was looking for a supplementary product that would be continuously effective in minimizing virus outbreaks. With Strom’s background in science, he dove into the research to find a solution.
“KARM has always had very high standards for cleaning and disinfecting our facility, but we were looking for a supplemental way to keep our guests, volunteers and staff as safe as possible during the pandemic,” he said.
Strom said he is relieved to have CASPR equipment installed at KARM’s main campus and at Serenity Ministries as a long-term solution to help keep everyone who enters their doors protected from COVID-19, flu, colds, viruses and other pathogens. “We can share this safety plan with other ministries and non-profits for successful mitigation of the spread of COVID-19 among high-risk populations and those who provide services,” he said.
Originally created for hospitals, CASPR Group technology lowered hospital staff absenteeism by 40% and eliminates multiple pathogens, including MRSA, ESKAPE and C-Diff, creating a safer environment for staff, patients and hospital visitors. “We believe KARM’s guests, volunteers and staff will benefit in a similar way,” said Adam Scott, co-owner of CDS.
“We are thrilled to introduce this product to East Tennessee as a safe, continuous, GSA approved technology that delivers when cleaning and disinfecting products cannot. It will have a positive impact on indoor spaces where people gather and will mitigate the transmission of viruses and other pathogens that can impact the health and wellness of staff, shoppers, students, hi-risk populations and more,” said Scott.
Adam Scott and Robert LeBus are business partners who manage the sales and distribution for CASPR Group in Tennessee. Because of their soft goods, merchandise and hi-tech facilities, they had a similar need as Strom—to find a disinfecting technology that delivered a more thorough solution for their locally owned businesses
According to Scott, other local business like Elst Brewing Company, HOTWORX, Knoxville Ice Bears player areas and transportation, and Clothes Mentor have chosen CDS and CASPR Group to keep their clients safe. Nationally, CASPR Group’s technology has been installed in Texas A&M University Commerce to protect student athletes, staff and spectators. Others, such as the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, NY Yankees Clubhouse, LSU athletic facilities, Pure Barre franchises, and the Staten Island Ferry are among hundreds of businesses, educational and government facilities that utilize CASPR Group’s products.
“The need for pathogen control is not going to end with COVID-19. One positive outcome of this pandemic is that it has increased our awareness of tools available to combat other pathogens–RSV, the flu, viruses and other illnesses that cause schools and businesses to close and production to be impacted,” said LeBus, co-owner of CDS. “The technology we were looking for had to be green, clean, cause no disruption, and require no additional cleaning staff for it to work for us. It took a while, but we found it with CASPR Group, and we’re excited to be introducing it to this community.”
About CDS (Complete Disinfectant Solutions) – CASPR Group
CASPR Group is an active indoor environmental technology that was developed for the healthcare industry. Its patent-pending air + surface disinfection solutions continuously destroy harmful molds, bacteria such as staph and MRSA, and viruses – even the virus that causes COVID-19. The disinfectant technology—installed in air ducts or as a small, visible unit –puts trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide into the air and on surfaces, killing up to 99.96% of indoor contaminants. CASPR is safe for people, pets and plants. CASPR technology is helping your building work for you, not against you.
Complete Disinfectant Solutions (CDS), is the local authorized and educated dealer for CASPR Group products and technologies coving the state of Tennessee.
To learn more about CDS and CASPR Group technology, visit
About KARM
Knox Area Rescue Ministries exists to rescue and restore the poor and needy of the Knox area by providing recovery services in Jesus’ name. Its ministry is provided without denominational affiliation and with the desire to utilize the full range of gifts in the Christian community to accomplish the mission to which God has called us.
To learn more about KARM, visit

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