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August 19, 2019
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September 3, 2019

6. Chief Marketing Officer at New York Public Radio, Lisa Baird

Lisa Baird is the Chief Marketing Officer for New York Public Radio. She has been working hard over the last year to increase audience size, cultivate loyalty and amplify digital membership.

NYPR is a mission-based organization, and Baird says that’s one part of why this work is so appealing to her. She also has a great respect for the citizens of New York and really cares about NYPR’s listeners and their opinions.

“We have direct relationships with our members, and we engage them in dialogue. We’re actively soliciting their input.”

Baird also served as the CMO for the United States Olympic Committee (USCO) for almost 10 years, where she was instrumental in the launch of the Team USA brand. She told us her thinking behind of the most successful launches of her career.

“I saw the opportunity for a more accessible brand, a broader brand that not only encompassed the Olympic teams but also the national teams and allowed us to tell, to converse and communicate with Americans as they watched not only athletes on the stage of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, but also compete and make their way towards that.”

Earlier in her career, Baird was the Senior Vice President, Marketing and Consumer Products, for the National Football League (NFL). She has also previously worked with brands IBM, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson and Procter and Gamble Company.

Listen below to hear more from branding expert, audio enthusiast and sports lover, Lisa Baird.