KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – July 15, 2020 – Knoxville’s first full-service food truck park has changed ownership but will continue to operate at its current location in the Happy Holler Historic District area of North Knoxville. Local real estate group SMJT, among other local partners, announced the acquisition of Central Filling Station earlier today. SMJT has owned the property at 900 N Central St. and will now become owners of the Central Filling Station business.
Central Filling Station founders, Alden and Scott Larrick, opened the food truck park in March of 2018 as a “family-friendly, dog-friendly neighborhood hangout.” The venue has grown to be one of the area’s most popular locations for people seeking an outside venue for food, music, and other activities. Central Filling Station has also played host to large community-wide events, most notably the Sunset on Central music series.
The new ownership group plans to build upon the exciting space created by the Larricks.
“The wonderful elements of Central Filling Station that made it so popular, such as food, fun, and community, will continue,” said Charles Ellis, the new general manager of Central Filling Station. “We also plan to provide new and creative ways for people to enjoy one another outside in a safe and fun environment.” Ellis has long-standing roots in Knoxville and continues to work in the craft beer industry.
Central Filling Station’s current operating hours will remain unchanged under the new ownership.
The food truck park has blossomed into a community meeting space for people and pets. “Central Filling Station represents an exciting period of living in Knoxville and the wonderful community that makes Knoxville unique,” said Joe Fox, partner of SMJT. “Given the impact of the pandemic, outdoor spaces like the food truck park are serving an important role by providing safe and fun gathering places for everyone. Central Filling Station is a community asset that people want to see live on, and we hope this park is successful for many years to come.”


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