Are you tired of hearing about the “new normal” and feel stuck in the Covid blues, or are you just frozen in your marketing efforts? Now is the time to wake up and take action. As the CEO of an independent marketing communications firm, I have experienced many recessions over the past 38 years. There is one universal truth through it all: the biggest mistake people can make for their businesses is to stop marketing.
Since many organizations have opted to slow their marketing efforts, I submit that $1 spent on marketing today is like spending $3 in a normalized economy. The economy always recovers. It should be your goal to ensure that your organization is at the forefront when it does; otherwise your competitors will drive up the marketing noise and your costs.
LEAD WITH DIGITAL. Make sure your website is optimized, increase your social media presence and activity, and even consider a targeted email marketing campaign to reach those niche stakeholders. Ensuring that these connection points to your brand are established, well-designed and active, your company has a greater opportunity to achieve conversions from interest to consideration and to purchase.
BE A THOUGHT LEADER. Position yourself as an expert in your space. Write blogs, host webinars, and secure media opportunities to share with your target audiences. With people still largely at home and plugged in simultaneously to multiple devices, news content is being consumed at a record rate.
NOURISH AND INFORM YOUR DATABASE. Although face-to-face networking events have become infrequent during the pandemic, there are other ways to effectively communicate with your network, such as e-newsletters or virtual events.
FOCUS ON YOUR NICHE. Stick to a targeted approach. Pick the niche you perform well in and can demonstrate a persuasive track record of success with, and then make that your focus.
BE BOLD. As you reach down into your niche market, be prepared to have a unique point of view on issues or priorities that are most relevant to your prospects. Set yourself apart by illustrating an opinion or a result that is new or bold for that industry.
PICK UP YOUR CHARITY AND COMMUNITY WORK. Nonprofits and charity organizations need people to step up and help now more than ever. Make it a priority within your organization to be involved in your community and to be visible about the contributions you and your colleagues are making.
GET PERSONAL. Maintain a constant cadence of contact with your prospects simply to see how they are doing. Better yet, drop the technology entirely and write them a personal note. If
you are unable to go out to eat, ask what their favorite lunch spot is and send it to them via a meal delivery service.
Marketing and sales cannot function in a vacuum where operations are turned on and off. It is essential to work through your plan, execute on a consistent basis, and invest resources smartly while your competitors are not. As long as you continue to focus on marketing efforts, you will be ahead of the competition. Be visible while others are not!

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