Media Training – Who Needs It?
June 17, 2019
CEO of Avertium, Jeff Schmidt
July 8, 2019

2. Interim President of the University of Tennessee, Randy Boyd

This week, Cathy Ackermann, President and CEO of Ackermann Marketing and PR, sat down with Interim President of the University of Tennessee System Randy Boyd, to talk about his journey to becoming Interim President and the challenges he faces in that role. The native Knoxvillian knew it was his time to step up.

“For me, it was about giving back to my alma mater,” said Boyd. “This university has given so much to me and my family and my community and if I have the opportunity to give back to that then this was my opportunity to do so.”

Before stepping into his role of Interim President, Boyd ran for Governor of Tennessee in 2018. He is the founder of Radio System’s Corporation and owner of Boyd’s Sports LLC, which owns or operates the Tennessee Smokies, Johnson City Cardinals, Greeneville Reds and Elizabethton Twins.

Randy Boyd learned the ins and outs of business at a young age, and with hard work and hustle, he has become one of the best leaders in Tennessee. Listen below for some of his insights.