Interim President of The University of Tennessee, Randy Boyd
July 3, 2019
President and CEO of The University of Tennessee Medical Center, Joe Landsman
July 8, 2019

3. CEO of Avertium, Jeff Schmidt

Jeff Schmidt is the newly appointed CEO for Avertium- a new cybersecurity company here in Knoxville that focuses on supporting mid-to-large enterprises security efforts. Jeff has over 30 years of experience, and has worked with some noteworthy clients like Cisco, Paramount Pictures and BT Counterpane. Tommy Smith, Vice President of Marketing Strategy at Ackermann, sat down with Jeff to talk about the importance of cybersecurity.

“Security isn’t as spooky as everyone thinks it is,” said Jeff. “Whatever you do in your physical life to protect yourself, whether it be how you protect your valuables in your home, your family, these things are really important, do the same thing in business.”

When most people think of cybersecurity, they that its complex or even confusing at times; but Avertium has the ability to manage businesses cybersecurity in a simple way that provides all around protection. At its core, Avertium is a customer-centric company that wants businesses of every kind to feel protected.

“We want to make our customers world safer,” said Jeff. “And that’s our mission. We want a team that’s passionate about cybersecurity. We live and breathe this.”

Jeff is just as passionate about cybersecurity as he is about Chick-fil-A sweet tea. Listen below.